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Director's statement

Director's statement

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a filmmaker. As I got older, I found myself immersed in the works of all the legends: Hitchcock, Spielberg, Hughes, Coppola, Lucas, Landis, Ramis, Carpenter, Scorsese. In doing that, I fell in love with the idea of telling heartwarming, dramatic and hilarious stories, like Pitching Tents. The character relationships and the universal struggle of reaching your hopes and dreams are what drew me to Pitching Tents. In a way, Danny’s story is also my story. The hopeful artist growing up in small town America, striving, yearning and fighting for goals that seem just out of reach. In my filmmaking career, I want the audience to feel the shock of horror, the laughter of comedy, the tears of drama, the gut-wrenching tension of a thriller--it’s the audience’s experience that I care most about. Filmmaking is storytelling and entertaining. And Pitching Tents does just that; it entertains.



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