Asian Perspectives

Want stories by Vietnamese Canadian, Chinese or Korean American filmmakers? Maybe about a young boy, an artist, a jazz musician, a WWII vet, or an immigrant? Us too. This collection celebrates Asian points of view.

Outfest Los Angeles, Newfest New York LGBT Film Festival, +4 MORE

2016 Short Comedy, Romantic Comedy

A successful trans woman on a blind date is turned off when she finds out he has the same name as her ex. Can she overcome her own prejudice to find a romantic spark?

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Black Maria Film Festival

2012 Feature Documentary, History

Chinese-American filmmaker Theresa Loong explores her father's time as a POW in WWII Japan, his subsequent quest to become an American, and the birth of his optimistic philosophy.

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2013 Short Documentary

Find out the origins of everyone's fave condiment and how it's made, plus meet the people who love it. And then pass the sauce.

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Red Dirt International Film Festival

2015 Feature Comedy, Romance

A neurotic Asian American actor is about to give up on his dream, then meets his dream girl. Of course, there's a hitch.

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San Diego Asian Film Festival , Winter Apricots: Prilep International Film Festival, +31 MORE

2016 Short Drama, Fantasy

A young Chinese boy visits his comatose father in the hospital, forcing him to come to grips with imminent death and its impact on himself and his mother.

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Outfest Los Angeles

2015 Feature Documentary, LGBTQ

A newly married lesbian couple leaves the comfort of San Francisco to search for and honor international heroes of the LGBT movement.

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SXSW, San Diego Asian Film Festival, +2 MORE

2017 Short Documentary, Musical

Three female Japanese musicians travel abroad to learn jazz in the US and form a unique jazz band that’s all their own.

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Directed by Women Festival, SoHo International Film Festival, +2 MORE

2014 Feature Comedy

Career faltering? Check. Moved back with the 'rents? Check. The logical next step is mounting a full-scale opera, right?

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Critics say...

"Its overriding message is addressed to all of us: never give up on your dreams."


The Lower East Side Film Festival

2014 Short Drama, Comedy

A Korean American artist scrapes by in Brooklyn hiding the day job she is ashamed of from her equally mysterious and secretly creative roommate. Can two people connect through the doors they close?

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Mostra International de Mujeres

2016 Feature Documentary, Foreign Film

Sometimes you have to leave home to find home. Meet Vietnamese refugees who fled to Canada in search of a new life.

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Critics say...

"An immense documentary."

Author Kim Thúy

2017 Short Documentary, Foreign Film

A woman's work is never done. This is doubly true for the female construction workers literally building Burma with their bare hands.

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Seattle Asian American Film Festival, Vietnamese International Film Festival

2012 Feature Drama, Comedy

Sometimes you have to follow your dreams at all costs. Becoming a rock star with your best friends is probably one of those.

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Critics say...

"Elegant and affectionate."

Los Angeles Times



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