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The Shorts List

Sometimes, it takes only a few minutes for a story to move you. If you don't already love short films, these handpicked favorites will win you over and then some.

Cannes Film Festival , Peace and Love Film Festival, +65 MORE

2015 Short Drama, Thriller

An unexpected discovery forces an undocumented motel employee to make an impossible decision. Featuring Diane Guerrero (Orange is the New Black).

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2016 Short Comedy

If you ever needed proof that a lot can happen in a small amount of time, try putting 7 teens, 1 sleepover and an entire pan of pot brownies together.

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2014 Short Drama, Adventure

An Ojibwe man searches for the perfect home for him and his young sister amidst the beauty and hardship of reservation life.

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Critics say...

"Illustrates difficult choices faced by Native teens."

Indian Country Today

2014 Short Drama, LGBT

In the wake of a close friend's death, a senior woman reflects on her true feelings on friendship and attraction.

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Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, IndieFest Film Awards

2017 Short Drama, Shorts Program

Love. Motherhood. Family. Self. When your past has driven your future, what do you choose?

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Critics say...

"An act of triumphant feminism in a time that sorely needs it."

Moves Quotes & More

2017 Short Drama, Experimental

After seeing footage of another black man shot by police, two friends discuss race, justice and hope as they return from a weekend away.

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Flyway Film Festival, Z-Fest

2012 Short Horror

Alice and the Mad Hatter take on the Jabberwock in this gripping adaptation of Lewis Carroll's poem.

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2007 Short Drama

A trip to the market becomes a test of will for a struggling man. Can his relationship with his family survive it?

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Docademia, Manhattan Film Festival, +21 MORE

2015 Short Animation, Documentary

This narrative on trauma, its aftermath and the healing power of art comes to life with partial animation and words from Huffington Post's Loren Kleinman.

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2015 Short Drama, Family, History, War

When history tries to bury its mistakes, film can keep us from forgetting. This beautiful and oh-so important tale of one family's return from an internment camp will do just that.

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Twisted Horror Picture Show, Etheria Film Night, +7 MORE

2015 Short Comedy, Drama, Film-Noir, Horror

Ever thought 'I need more female-led antics in the vein of USA's Up All Night'? We've got you covered riiiight here.

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Critics say...

"(Bledsoe's) hilarious romp examines the sordid underbelly of our celebrity worship."

The Establishment

The Lower East Side Film Festival

2014 Short Drama, Comedy

Roommates who are more like strangers share a Brooklyn apartment, where mutual curiosity may draw them together.

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