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"Everyone was blown away by the football sequences. They were 'How many cameras did you have there? It was insane.'"

Cleveland Plain Dealer

A fantastically inspiring story with so much history and heart!

Amazon Video User

What an incredible story! Loved every minute of it. So much passion, enthusiasm, and history. Definitely recommend!

Amazon Video User

In a world and time where all you see is "fake news," war, hate, and everyone blaming everyone else about everything, this really shows the power and true meaning of what sport can do...rivals on the field uniting groups and forming bonds and general respect for brothers, teammates, family and friends that last a life time. Well done.

Amazon Video User

Two schools I knew nothing about and yet, I was so invested in their rivalry that I had goosebumps throughout their pep rally's. This movie is able to capture the goose-bump inducing excitement that only the best football rivalry could produce!

Amazon Video User

Wonderfully done. Amazing balance of the history, views from both sides, and the emotion that outsiders just couldn't understand until now.

Amazon Video User

I LOVED this film. Especially as an Angelino who had zero experience or understanding of how much football could mean in high school. The tradition and history explored in this film is so ecaprivating and interesting!

Rotten Tomatoes User

This documentary was awesome! Loved every second of it.

Facebook User

Just got home after seeing this movie. Great to see the history behind the tradition. Loved the stories from the point of view of both schools. A few tears shed over the interview with Coach Cistone.

Facebook User

A great, feel good, home-grown, football film that gives you hope!

IMDb User

Emotional, exciting (phenomenal football action), relatable. Football fans and even non-football fans will really enjoy this one. This film is full of passion. Great music too.

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