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I had directed both Chloe and Jen onstage; I knew them to be funny, pretty, stylish, and whipsmart, and the script was unlike anything I’d ever read. The schedule was absolutely impossible, there was virtually no money, and…in addition to our appointed jobs we’d all get to be grips as well. Plus, the locations, many of them gonzoed, were all over town, from Silver Lake to Inglewood to the San Fernando Valley. It was a dream come true. And it was the funnest shoot I’ve ever been on. These wonderful women, ably assisted by Michael McGee and our tiny crew, have pulled off a little gem, a web gem, about two young women about to hit their mid-thirties like a cocktail glass hitting a concrete barroom floor, who get up, put themselves back together, and try to make it in Hollywood as Chandleresque private dicks without the….well, you know. It’s marvelous good fun. Please enjoy. And thanks, girls, for letting me come along for the ride.

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When Lucky loses her serving job, Mop suggests they start their own P.I. business and base it out of a storage unit. To their utter surprise, they quickly get an inquiry from a potential client.

S1:E1 – Mop's Plan

12 min

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The girls do their best to create an atmosphere of normalcy and professionalism in their strange little office. It seems to work, as Mrs. Myronius, consumed by her current state of affairs, hardly notices.

S1:E2 – A Case of Love

11 min

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Mop and Lucky, now with a seemingly unsolvable case, take off to find their mark with library books and cheap disguises. Stake-out boredom sets in and their thoughts turn to their own disheveled love lives.

S1:E3 – Stakeout

13 min

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Lucky comes to realize that the potential for a love life seems quite bleak. In a time where it seemed as though nothing more would happen, a strange woman shows up. Typical. Or so they think.

S1:E4 – Mystery Woman

10 min

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Fatefully, Mop and Lucky solve their first case and learn that things aren't always what they seem.

S1:E5 – Case Closed

9 min

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Mop drops a bomb on Lucky, and the girls have a strange run-in with the storage guys just before their next client arrives to deliver another out of the ordinary assignment. Which they reluctantly accept.

S2:E1 – Where Does The Time Go?

13 min

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A new case about time leads Mop and Lucky to Mop's mom's house on the hunt for a missing library book. This upsetting visit forces Mop and Lucky to reflect and realize they better get their shit together.

S2:E2 – Overdue Book

11 min

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Mop and Lucky have successfully tracked Tristan's lost time, but he's not so thrilled. And their cover is blown as the storage guys learn that they are running a detective business out of their storage unit.

S2:E3 – Tracking Those Hours

13 min

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Mrs. Myronius sends an unexpected referral with a semi-straightforward assignment. Mop consoles Lucky as she deals with the reality of Mop moving in with Poopface. Micky thinks his problem is solved as he eavesdrops on their conversation.

S2:E4 – Cocoa's Mission

15 min

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After the evening's mad treasure hunt, Lucky proudly delivers what Cocoa requested. Mop begins to realize that living with Poopface is harder than she thought it would be and is confronted with actual sentimental feelings, maybe for the first time.

S2:E5 – Treasures

17 min



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