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Highly Anticipated

  • Not Phillip And I
    Shorts Program
    Dealing with loss, Sylvia returns home to her family to heal, instead she finds herself losing her grip, and embracing her eccentricities.
    Los Angeles Stacey
    24 days 13 hrs left
    28% funded
  • Lunch at Midnight
    Comedy, Drama
    A comatose father. An unexpected love. A decision that changes everything. Felix must choose to forgive or end up alone.
    Aurora Jonathan
    Green Light
  • Poster Family To-Do-list: Throw perfect eight-year-old's birthday party, find wandering Grandpa and deal with cancer in the left boob.
    Burbank Quality
    12 days 20 hrs left
    76% funded
  • A struggling actress moves home and directs a production to try and save the community theater.
    Detroit Joyce
    Green Light
  • Picked
    Drama, Family
    A girl's quest for the perfect pumpkin ostracizes her from her peers.
    Allentown Kelsey
    3 days 12 hrs left
    50% funded
  • Paradox Lost
    Comedy, Drama
    Two gangsters, an interrogation and a mistaken identity lead to catastrophic enlightenment.
    Los Angeles Daniel
    9 days 13 hrs left
    64% funded

Staff picks

  • The Confession
    Comedy, Drama
    Certain secrets hold the potential to alter Ellen and Jacob's new and blossoming romance in permanent ways.
    Brooklyn Michael
    13 days 23 hrs left
    4% funded
  • "Glen Rosa" documents Scottish Painter Keith Salmon's struggle to find his identity as a visually impaired painter.
    Glasgow Daniel
    3 days 15 hrs left
    61% funded
  • Paradox Lost
    Comedy, Drama
    Two gangsters, an interrogation and a mistaken identity lead to catastrophic enlightenment.
    Los Angeles Daniel
    9 days 13 hrs left
    64% funded

Green Light&Still Funding!

  • Seppuku
    After receiving devastating news, an Olympic hopeful falls into a spirit world where she must pass a test or die trying.
    Los Angeles Daryn
    24 days 1 hr left
    100% funded
  • LIZ, the naive president of a Brooklyn pickling competition, aims to create a day of culinary fun for a gaggle of rowdy hipsters.
    Brooklyn Stuart
    1 day 13 hrs left
    80% funded

Funded & In The Pipeline

    California Ryan
    Green Light
  • A woman comes home to a family gathering only to discover that she has walked into her own execution
    Los Angeles Julia
    Green Light
  • A 60-year-old woman gets ten-minute opportunity to revert back to her younger self to seek change.
    Birmingham Bobby
    Green Light
  • Being a struggling actress is the worst but having a friend failing spectacularly along with you makes it one
    Texas Sarah
    Green Light
  • A young man stumbles through spaces of uncertainty, breaking open memories & the shapes they take.
    Ohio Erika
    Green Light
  • OMA
    To complete her thesis, a PhD candidate must get the Holocaust testimony of her estranged grandmother.
    New York Daniella
    Green Light
  • A young woman searches for her own orgasm
    California Megan
  • Polly, a young teacher takes teenage Matthew for a wild night out. When Matthew starts to fall for Polly,
    New York Jaclyn
    Green Light
  • The Dreamers
    Comedy, Drama
    Six young artists working and creating their way post-graduation in the city of Chicago.
    Chicago Kelsey
    Green Light
  • Hotel Bleu
    Comedy, Music
    A down and out stand-up comedian finds refuge at Hotel Bleu, forging an off-beat partnership with a
    New York Bethany
    Green Light
    Drama, Mystery
    A quiet member of an amateur hardball team confronts an invisible past while striving to maintain focus on
    San Francisco Liam
    Green Light
  • A Cornish mother and her transgendered female-to-male son reunite after 9 years when a very close family
    England Stephanie
    Green Light

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