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Highly Anticipated

    LGBT, Thriller
    The night before their wedding, two women battle sinister forces to save themselves, and each other.
    Seattle Kris
    11 days 22 hrs left
    20% funded
  • Money & Violence is an in-depth look at the line where survival meets responsibility.
    Brooklyn Moise
    20 days 6 hrs left
    60% funded
  • Uninspired by her own mother’s taste in music, ten year old Grace sneaks records from her friend's mom’s collection.
    United States Dayla
    24 days 1 hr left
    34% funded
  • Two siblings. Five pounds of pot. One runaway grandmother.
    California Ryan
    18 days 21 hrs left
    50% funded
  • A young woman, suffering from Selective Mutism, is faced with a situation where she must speak or face the consequences.
    Minneapolis Shane
    18 days 2 hrs left
    30% funded
  • M. Virgin
    During a date in which she hopes to lose her virginity, Muchun Zhang learns that her white partner is an Asian fetishist.
    Brooklyn Zhuojie
    11 days 7 hrs left
    32% funded

Staff picks

  • To make the perfect Sazerac combine one part technique, one part interpretation, and a dash of folklore.
    Atlanta James
    Green Light
  • One community's fight to accept and protect all kids.
    Minneapolis Gorman
    11 days 10 hrs left
    57% funded
  • Those that work backstage should never be seen or heard. . . until now.
    New York Jeanette
    7 days 1 hr left
    31% funded

Green Light&Still Funding!

  • Asinus, the donkey
    The struggle of Asinus, a donkey-like guy, to find the reality behind the Invisible Dictatorship.
    Los Angeles Zhirayr
    11 days 4 hrs left
    84% funded

Funded & In The Pipeline

  • To make the perfect Sazerac combine one part technique, one part interpretation, and a dash of folklore.
    Atlanta James
    Green Light
  • The search for a missing piece of cultural identity takes one woman on a journey to the Cook Islands.
    Garden Grove Melodie
    Green Light
  • Kinesthesia
    Drama, Shorts Program
    Frustrated at her inability to accurately remember a particular time of happiness in her life, Minny sets out
    Los Angeles Carrie
    Green Light
  • Lil' Mer
    Experimental, LGBT
    Brooklyn Alex
    Green Light
  • 3 aspiring stand up comediennes are chronicled by an inexperienced film student as they try to pull off the
    Los Angeles Adrienne
    Green Light
  • A slice of life documentary exploring sex work in 2015.
    Los Angeles Sophy
    Green Light
  • Clench
    CLENCH follows Chauncey, a peon sales employee suffering from a unique eating disorder that ultimately forces
    New York Shiree
    Green Light
  • Last Caller
    Horror, Thriller
    It was all bullshit...until the conspiracies started coming true.
    Seattle Todd
    Green Light
  • A desert recluse is visited by her dead husband's best friend, who arrives with an unsettling agenda.
    Santa Monica Diane
    Green Light
  • An unlikely friendship unfolds between two socially marginalized suburbanites who struggle to connect and
    Concord Emily
    Green Light
  • A protective father battles the horrific reality of his 11 year old daughter receiving 'sexts' from
    San Francisco Ben
    Green Light
  • Bottle Fed
    Comedy, Romantic Comedy
    Post break-up, a young mother chases after her "pre-baby" dreams by forming a stand-up comedy mom
    Saint Louis Kate
    Green Light

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