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Highly Anticipated

  • Being a struggling actress is the worst but having a friend failing spectacularly along with you makes it one hell of a ride.
    Texas Sarah
    Green Light
  • Not Phillip And I
    Shorts Program
    Dealing with loss, Sylvia returns home to her family to heal, instead she finds herself losing her grip, and embracing her eccentricities.
    Los Angeles Stacey
    26 days 3 hrs left
    18% funded
  • Lunch at Midnight
    Comedy, Drama
    A comatose father. An unexpected love. A decision that changes everything. Felix must choose to forgive or end up alone.
    Aurora Jonathan
    Green Light
  • Poster Family To-Do-list: Throw perfect eight-year-old's birthday party, find wandering Grandpa and deal with cancer in the left boob.
    Burbank Quality
    14 days 10 hrs left
    72% funded
  • Paradox Lost
    Comedy, Drama
    Two gangsters, an interrogation and a mistaken identity lead to catastrophic enlightenment.
    Los Angeles Daniel
    11 days 3 hrs left
    63% funded
  • A struggling actress moves home and directs a production to try and save the community theater.
    Detroit Joyce
    Green Light

Staff picks

  • 3000 Cups of Tea
    The Mission and the Madness of Greg Mortenson
    Utah Jennifer
    Green Light
  • Greatest Hits
    Celebrating 30 years of shooting music, photographer Chris Cuffaro shares stories behind the images of this exciting 2015 exhibition.
    Los Angeles Chris
    Green Light
  • Red Star
    Fifty years ago, one man escaped Communist Czechoslovakia by swimming the river to freedom. RED STAR will retrace his journey.
    Santa Monica Michelle
    6 days 14 hrs left
    62% funded

Green Light&Still Funding!

  • Seppuku
    After receiving devastating news, an Olympic hopeful falls into a spirit world where she must pass a test or die trying.
    Los Angeles Daryn
    25 days 15 hrs left
    100% funded

Funded & In The Pipeline

    California Ryan
    Green Light
  • A woman comes home to a family gathering only to discover that she has walked into her own execution
    Los Angeles Julia
    Green Light
  • A 60-year-old woman gets ten-minute opportunity to revert back to her younger self to seek change.
    Birmingham Bobby
    Green Light
  • Being a struggling actress is the worst but having a friend failing spectacularly along with you makes it one
    Texas Sarah
    Green Light
  • A young man stumbles through spaces of uncertainty, breaking open memories & the shapes they take.
    Ohio Erika
    Green Light
  • OMA
    To complete her thesis, a PhD candidate must get the Holocaust testimony of her estranged grandmother.
    New York Daniella
    Green Light
  • A young woman searches for her own orgasm
    California Megan
  • Polly, a young teacher takes teenage Matthew for a wild night out. When Matthew starts to fall for Polly,
    New York Jaclyn
    Green Light
  • The Dreamers
    Comedy, Drama
    Six young artists working and creating their way post-graduation in the city of Chicago.
    Chicago Kelsey
    Green Light
  • Hotel Bleu
    Comedy, Music
    A down and out stand-up comedian finds refuge at Hotel Bleu, forging an off-beat partnership with a
    New York Bethany
    Green Light
    Drama, Mystery
    A quiet member of an amateur hardball team confronts an invisible past while striving to maintain focus on
    San Francisco Liam
    Green Light
  • A Cornish mother and her transgendered female-to-male son reunite after 9 years when a very close family
    England Stephanie
    Green Light

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