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Highly Anticipated

  • A son seeks to elevate his father's musical legacy while discovering the man behind the music.
    California K.C.
    5 days 17 hrs left
    72% funded
  • Funeral Day
    Comedy, Drama
    A man skips his friend’s funeral in an attempt to start living his own life to the fullest.
    Los Angeles Jon
    1 day 22 hrs left
    69% funded
  • When the end comes, who will be waiting for you?
    Arizona George
    44 days 17 hrs left
    3% funded
  • A kleptomaniac on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
    Los Angeles Jack
    27 days 15 hrs left
    11% funded
  • It Ain't No Sin
    Comedy, Drama
    A rejected writer and disgraced sex therapist try to take legitimate control of their lives only to face
    New Jersey Bob
    42 days 16 hrs left
    0% funded
  • A teenager from BK has a ticket out of the projects and 72 hrs to decide if he’s up to the challenge
    Brooklyn Vincent
    5 days 14 hrs left
    69% funded

Staff picks

  • The Legends of the Golden Age of Hollywood return for modern audiences to enjoy.
    Phoenix Dave
    14 days 2 hrs left
    12% funded
  • A son seeks to elevate his father's musical legacy while discovering the man behind the music.
    California K.C.
    5 days 17 hrs left
    72% funded

Funded & In The Pipeline

  • When your best friend brings out the worst in you.
    Los Angeles Angel
    Green Light
  • the Harlem Independent Theater!
    Film-related Business, Filmmaker Resource
    A cinema and event space with a cafe-bar coming to West Harlem summer 2015.
    New York Harlem
    Green Light
  • Maggie’s marrying the woman of her dreams but will tension between her sisters ruin the day?
    New York Jaclyn
    Green Light
  • A comparison of the overzealous mating habit of deer during rutting season to that of men who cheat.
    Iowa Wes
    Green Light
  • Zone 2
    Horror, Thriller
    Trapped in the bleak underworld of Zone 2, a mother and her disabled son fight for survival.
    Los Angeles Sandra
    Green Light
  • After Ever After
    Drama, Experimental
    When is it too late to save a marriage that's been slowly bleeding to death for years?
    Los Angeles Sarah
    Green Light
  • Change is the only constant. Opportunities in life are presented to you with a purpose.
    Los Angeles Chris
    Green Light
  • Death-defying races are the Himalayan back-drop for man’s ancient spiritual bond with the horse.
    Los Angeles Sophie
    Green Light
  • Actress
    A film about starring in the movie of your life.
    New York Robert
    Green Light
  • Clerk in 1800s Russia, falls prey to his insecurities when an error questions his meaning of life.
    Los Angeles Mykyta
    Green Light
  • A wordless short comedy that explores an example of the only constant in our universe: change.
    Las Vegas Amos
    Green Light
  • Beyond Good & Evil
    Drama, Sci-Fi
    In a post apocalyptic world bereft of men - Clementine, a young girl must be a wolf or die a lamb.
    California Kshitij
    Green Light