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Highly Anticipated

  • A meeting of two strangers in the bathroom of a Halloween party spirals into a waking nightmare.
    Chicago Jake
    10 days 13 hrs left
    48% funded
  • B.U.T.S
    Bilingual, Underrepresented, Titless, Sallies. We are spoofing Latino stereotypes on TV!
    New York Emma
    8 days 12 hrs left
    66% funded
  • A young boy cherishes his grandfather who, from a train station platform, creates magical moments.
    New Hampshire Jennifer
    23 days 15 hrs left
    24% funded
  • A 60-year-old woman gets ten-minute opportunity to revert back to her younger self to seek change.
    Birmingham Bobby
    23 days 15 hrs left
    34% funded
  • Never Goin' Back
    Comedy, Teen
    Dudes, drugs and an ill advised heist. Just another day in the life of two 16 year old girls.
    Dallas Augustine
    4 days 13 hrs left
    51% funded
  • A comedic web series about female finances, fertility, and friendship. It's time to Settle Up.
    New York Kathleen
    40 days 14 hrs left
    36% funded

Staff picks

  • Son Of A--
    Drama, Family
    A boy copes with his mother's rage issues by escaping into his own mind.
    Elizabeth Joe
    7 days 13 hrs left
    21% funded
  • A meeting of two strangers in the bathroom of a Halloween party spirals into a waking nightmare.
    Chicago Jake
    10 days 13 hrs left
    48% funded
  • Anthology
    Comedy, Drama
    A webseries that follows six 20-somethings try to function as adults in New York City.
    New York Ashley
    18 days 12 hrs left
    5% funded

Funded & In The Pipeline

  • Brazilian Wood
    Drama, Thriller
    One man's relentless pursuit of justice collides with another man's bizarre course of revenge.
    Phoenix Kristin
    Green Light
  • The Canary
    History, Thriller
    One gold miner. One mine. One nightmare.
    California Karl
    Green Light
  • Across The Tracks
    Drama, Family
    In 1960s GA, a young mixed girl decides to pass for white, a choice that follows her for many years.
    Atlanta Michael
    Green Light
  • A New York Pair
    Romantic Comedy
    What happens when Molly and Charles must decide between ambition and love in New York City?
    New York Molly
    Green Light
  • An eccentric composer in the 1950's is given a magical instrument that distorts her relationships.
    Atlanta Jen
    Green Light
  • A feature film about a lonely young woman who reaches out through The Screen.
    Brooklyn Michael
    Green Light
  • Cross
    Drama, Film-Noir
    A young Filipino backyard boxer enters a Mexican fight ring in the San Fernando Valley.
    Los Angeles Gerry
    Green Light
  • A young woman searches for her own orgasm
    California Megan
    Green Light
  • Take A Leap web series chronicles Black American expats that live abroad.
    Columbia Sharee
    Green Light
  • Homicide is the leading cause of death during pregnancy. But no one is talking about it. Until now.
    Pennsylvania Tracy
    Green Light
  • Pushing Out Daisy
    Comedy, Drama
    The cantankerous Daisy is on her way out (of this world) and her daughter, Anne is happy to help.
    United States Alison
    Green Light
  • Dead Saturday
    Drama, Thriller
    A misled band of youths believes they found a religious loophole for releasing their inner demons.
    Huntsville Jeremy
    Green Light