How It All Works

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Before you begin, make sure to get the Seed&Spark Handbook. This has really important tips and guidance on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign, from message testing to your pitch video. Memorize it.

Getting Started

  • STEP 1: Use Start a Project to submit your campaign. Check out our Partner offerings for your WishList—you might want to include a Sponsored item!
  • Receive feedback from a real person! We really want you to succeed.

  • STEP 2: Make improvements and edit your campaign based on feedback.
  • STEP 3: Submit your banking info ( US only ) and W-2 so we can pay you!
  • STEP 4: Prep your outreach materials, including emails, updates, social media posts. Reference our Seed&Spark Handbook lots.
  • Your campaign goes in for final review… and gets approved! Hooray!

During the Campaign

  • Your audience makes pledges because they’re inspired by your amazing project, either in cash or through WishList loans.
  • Gather followers during your campaign to unlock incredible rewards and distribution access.
  • Raise at least 80% of your goal.

Afterwards: Getting That Money!

  • You get your funds, less our fees, within seven business days after the campaign closes.
  • You’ll receive a 1099 at the end of the year for funds raised.
  • Take that money raised and make your film on your terms. We’re behind you 100%.

You made a movie! Now what?

If you run a successful crowdfunding campaign and gather 500 followers or more, congratulations! You are automatically eligible for a one-on-one distribution strategy consultation with Seed&Spark.
If you didn’t crowdfund through Seed&Spark, but have gathered at least 500 followers through a crowdfunding campaign or social media, we would be happy to consider your film.

To Submit for Consideration:

  • Download our deliverables checklist so you can start prepping.
  • Submit your film.
  • We are totally transparent with you in terms of our pricing with the labs and our splits with the platforms. What we know, you'll know.
  • If your film is accepted, we’ll collaborate with you on the best release date and strategy based on your needs and our expertise. Welcome to the family.

Seed Fund

Each month, Seed&Spark allocates a portion of the subscription fees we collect to new crowdfunding projects. We call this the "Seed Fund." Subscribers are sent three crowdfunding projects that have reached 500 followers and the Green Light within the past 30 days. Our subscribers vote and the funds are allocated based on share of votes each month.
You can opt-in to be eligible for these funds. If you are selected to receive contributions from this fund, you must commit to 6-months non-exclusive streaming on Seed&Spark (only when you are ready to distribute in the SVOD window) as well incorporate the Seed&Spark logo into a title card at the beginning of your movie or show. In addition to the funds, you will also receive custom marketing support, distribution and data from Seed&Spark. When you stream with Seed&Spark we share revenue with you based on minutes watched. You get transparent data dashboards that help you connect directly to your audience, understand their behavior, and market more effectively to them—not just for this project, but for your future projects as well.
Currently this fund is over $4000 a month, and growing daily.



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