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New crowdfunding campaigns this week

December 13, 2017

Based in Philly. Raising $1,100. An action-drama series by a team of black filmmakers and about a teen girl who, while struggling with both her sexuality and her parents divorce, decides to channel her frustration into becoming a vigilante for her crime-ridden city.
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ICYMI: November New Releases

December 1, 2017

Directed by Nicholas Colia, starring Keaton Nigel Cook, Aaron Proumo and Hogan Gorman
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How a series creator used social media to build an audience

November 17, 2017

• Bri Castellini

The biggest mistake filmmakers make on their new and beautifully branded social media accounts is both understandable and completely fixable: making it all about them. This might seem counterintuitive — “Isn’t the point of social media to tell people about my project?” Absolutely! But not at first, and definitely not all the time. I’m here to talk about how you, no matter the production stage you’re in, can build an engaged and thriving community and leverage that to get eyes on your project. Filmmaker to filmmaker.
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