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Why is everyone talking about VR?

Skeptical about virtual reality? We were, too. That's why we jumped in headfirst to actually make some VR. And what we learned is that VR isn't a genre of filmmaking; it's a brand new medium! Therefore, anyone making VR right now is navigating rough, uncharted waters. But as Eurocentric history suggests, beyond every unexplored sea is a badass continent of possibilities.
Our mission, accordingly, is to make sure the most people possible get to help us explore the VR landscape. If we keep the medium open to creators working at all budget levels, we ensure that VR production stays affordable, and that the stories we tell are bold and diverse.

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We’re a community of bold filmmakers dedicated to telling diverse, innovative stories and sharing our learning.

Marketing Spend

We’ve partnered with Wevr to create a VR marketing fund. All our projects on Transport will receive ad dollar support.

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Every VR project to successfully crowdfund on Seed&Spark will receive a 2-hour consultation with our in-house experts.


Crowdfunding is the best possible way to expose new audiences to the process—and potential—of VR cinema.


In these early days, independent filmmakers are ideally positioned to make innovative VR. Why? Because you guys know how to use your imagination to leverage limited resources to tell innovative stories! We know that VR might seem new and inaccessible. Have no fear. We penned this two-part introduction to the fundamentals—and philosophy—of VR filmmaking to break it down for you!

Space Out of Time: Part I

An Intro to VR Technology

Space Out of Time: Part II

An Intro to VR philosophy


One of the biggest barriers to carving out a sustainable career in VR is, how the heck do you distribute or watch content? Enter our friends at Wevr.
VR might be new, but there have already been 20 million headsets ( from Oculus Rift to Google Cardboard ) sold, and 50 million experience downloads. VR is growing, and it’s growing FAST. And Wevr’s new platform, Transport, is going to create the market for independent VR. By early 2017, when you're ready to release your first immersive film, you'll be able to upload your experience directly to Transport, and share it with the world.
The best part? Seed&Spark and Wevr have partnered on a VR marketing grant. Every VR project that successfully crowdfunds on Seed&Spark is automatically eligible for ad dollar support—to help make sure the world knows about what you're creating!


You can make VR on an independent film budget. How do we know? We've done it! Crowdfunding is the best possible way to raise the funds to make VR, because it simultaneously gathers your audience and teaches those audiences how to watch and engage in a totally new medium: VR cinema. After all, the astounding technical innovations of VR don't matter if audiences don't know you're making rad stuff to watch—or how to watch it!

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What we've been up to

Over the last year we produced three virtual reality experiences with Wevr under BRIGHT IDEAS Pictures, and learned a LOT while doing it. We’re now working on one of the world’s first VR features. Our films ( available on Transport ) are currently touring around festivals like Sundance, Slamdance, SFiFF, and SIFFx—where we’re sharing our learning with filmmakers.

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