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The Filmmaker Dashboard: Using data to build your filmmaking career

January 10, 2017

• Emily Best

As a group of filmmakers ourselves, we started Seed&Spark to be the career building tool for filmmakers we felt we were missing. We had a radical desire to build sustainable careers that didn’t rely on some old middleman to say yes to us. We’ve known from Seed&Spark’s earliest days that access to updated, no-bullshit information would be critical if were were really going to make this possible. It’s one of the reasons why education plays such a major role in our offerings to independent filmmakers, why we’ve taught our classes to thousands around the world. (Not for nothing, so far, crowdfunding class attendees have a 95% campaign success rate…)
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Seed&Spark Updates
A Wicked Problem

November 10, 2016

• Emily Best

We are facing down a wicked problem. We have fundamentally lost the thread of empathy essential to both progress and maintaining the social contract. And no single factor is to blame for the dangerous new condition of American life.
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Film Crowdfunding
We Hate to Say We Told You So...

September 15, 2016

• Emily Best

So, after we made the first season of F*ck Yes! and it got so much attention, it was clear it was clear that we owed our audience a second season (at least!). And thank goodness! We loved making every episode and all eight of us creators feel passionately about using what we know how to do (make moving pictures) to promote healthier conversations about sex (because we ALL need reminders).
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